Carton Forms

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Savway Standard Rectangular Carton Form

Carton Forms are designed for use under grade beams and slab areas in regions where unstable soils exists. Standard forms are stocked in depths of 4", 6", 8" and widths of 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", and 12" all in a standard length of 96". Widths greater than 12" are achieved by placing forms side by side, or by use of waffle forms. (see below)

Carton Forms are placed directly on grade. Carton Forms should only be used under structured slabs or grade beams, which are intermittently supported by piers. Carton Forms are not suitable for bridging trenches or open areas.

Savway Waffle Carton Form

Savway Carton Waffle style forms are specifically designed for slab and beam areas to form void areas 4" deep and greater. Waffle forms are usually wider and save time in the installation process. The custom design of these forms allow them to handle varying concrete and steel loads while adding to the resistance of normal traffic during placement. Waffle forms require no special banding or strapping, our wax impregnated designs allow for onsite trimming without a significant reduction in load bearing capacity. All Savway Waffle forms are of a cellular construction.

Waffle forms are available in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" and 18" depths. All of our waffle style forms for slab areas are 36" widths. We recommend the use of cover sheets over slab carton forms.

Savway Trapezoidal Carton Form

Available in a full range of depths and widths. Use of trapezoidal carton forms eliminate the use of soil retainers thus reducing cost. Trapezoidal carton form shapes allow concrete to settle on the sides of the form thus creating a cast in place soil retainer.


Savway Tubes

Used to create columns in sizes from 6"ID to 60"ID and a length of 12'. Tubes are treated with release agent for easy removal and external moisture resistance. Tubes should be stored off ground and protected from rain until used to insure proper column forming.



Savway Retainer Boards



Constructed of Extruded Polypropylene with a corrugated interior design for extreme rigidity and strength. Available in 10mm and 13mm thickness and custom cut to depth as required for proper protection of voided areas beneath grade beams. Engineered to withstand lateral pressures of soil compaction and expansion. Prevents soil from settling into void space created by carton forms. Outperforms other forms of soil retainers and is more economical and easier to use.


Pier Cut Outs

Pre-manufactured, radius sealed end eliminates need for field cutting of a grade beam void box where the beam meets the pier. Available in rectangular or trapezoidal shaped beam void and cut to pier diameter to provide a tight fit to the pier. Stapled and banded securely to end of void box.



Slab Pier Cut Outs

Pre manufactured radius sealed cutout of void box used where pier joins slab area, independent of grade beam. Eliminates need for field cutting around isolated piers.


Donut Forms

Customized void forms used beneath pilasters and around drilled piers. Pre-manufactured and sealed radius edge eliminates field cutting. Two piece unit fits easily around pier for quick installation. (Available in Square and Rectangluar dimensions)