Savway Carton Forms offer a versatile and economical means of creating void areas under beams or slabs. Carton forms may be designed as to size, quantity and load bearing capacity as required for each specific job. No special tools are needed to install Savway Carton Forms and they are easily trimmed to provide for utilities. Incorporated in 1955, Savway Carton Forms has the experience to provide professional designs, utilizing the finest corrugated fiberboard materials available.

All forms are designed to carry a uniformly distributed top load up to 1000 #/s.f. when in dry condition. Material used in the manufacture of Savway Carton Forms is of 275# test corrugated Kraft Fiberboard, wax impregnated with water resistant paraffin. Interior medium and exterior liners are laminated with resorcinol adhesive for moisture resistance.

Savway Carton Forms are designed to provided the optimal combination of Strength, "Engineered Degredation" schedules, and Cost-effective load-bearing solutions. No matter what your design specification or application calls for, our product will provide for the best intended result.

Savway Carton Forms

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